Zingspace is a boutique ecological design and project
management practice based in Townsville, North Queensland.

The philosophy of the Zingspace team is one of innovation,
ecological integration and behavioural change; the
cornerstones of Sustainability. Not being satisfied with the
“business as usual” paradigm the Zingspace team works in
partnership with clients that strive and demand new
approaches and different ways of doing business. Our
clients include local government departments & business
units, engineers, property developers, mining companies,
timber companies and private landholders.

Zingspace has a diverse staff that responds creatively and flexibly to the wide range of projects we consult on. Our
staff allow Zingspace the opportunity to work on many levels
- from project planning, design creation, right through to practical implementation. Our staff’s knowledge base compliments Zingspace’s goal on delivering multidisciplinary solutions to our clients, with a focus on achieving positive environmental and sustainable outcomes.